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  • Monday 20 March, 10h00: Seminar of Simone Gabellani & Lauro Rossi (CIMA Research Foundation), Research activities at CIMA in hydrometeorology. Irstea Antony. Résumé/Abstract : Read more
  • Wednesday 22 March, 13h30: PhD defense of Angélica Caseri (Irstea Aix-en-Provence and Irstea Antony), “Contribution of geostatistical conditional simulation to ensemble rainfall nowcasting and flash flood warning”. Venue: Irstea Centre d’Antony, 1 rue Pierre-Gilles de Gennes – ANTONY. Room Galilée. Résume/abstract.
  • 23-28 April 2017: Irstea researchers are going to join their colleagues from around the world to present their recent research achievements at the European Geosciences Union General Assembly EGU in Vienna. You can find here the list of the 31 oral, poster and PICO presentations from the members of the Hydrology team at Antony. Additionally, the team participates to the organization of scientific sessions: Maria-Helena Ramos is co-convener at “HS4.3/AS4.36/NH1.12 – Ensemble hydro-meteorological forecasting” and “HS5.10 – Hydrological Sciences and Water Footprint Assessment for monitoring and achieving the Sustainable Development Goals”, Guillaume Thirel is main convener and chair of the session “HS2.2.1 – Mountains and snow: Monitoring and modeling of snow”. Maria-Helena Ramos also contributes to the co-organization of the short course SC52/HS12.5 on Hydrological Forecasting, and is chair of the sub-division on “Hydrological Forecasting” for the third consecutive year.


  • February 2017: Videos of Maria-Helena Ramos on building and evaluating European H2020 projects: first video, second video.
  • Monday 27 February, 10h15: Hydrological Seminar. Université Pierre et Marie Curie (UPMC), 4 Place Jussieu, 75005 Paris. Salle de conférence l’UFR Terre Environnement Biodiversité (TEB),  Tour 56-46, 2ème étage
    • Prof. Hubert Savenije, Delft University of Technology, Modelling catchments as living organisms AbstractRead more
    • Prof. Marco Borga, University of Padova, Integrating hydropower and variable renewable energies: a call for hydrology AbstractRead more
  • Monday 27 February, 13h30:  PhD defense of Andrea Ficchi (Irstea Antony), An adaptive hydrological model for multiple time-steps: Diagnostics and improvements based on fluxes consistency. Venue: Université Pierre et Marie Curie (UPMC), 4 Place Jussieu, 75005 Paris, Salle de Conférences de l’UFR TEB (tours 46-56, étage 2). Read more
  • Friday 24 February, 11h: Seminar of Jean Marçais (Laboratoire Géosciences Rennes), Room Galiléé. Intégration de données hétérogènes pour modéliser et évaluer l’impact de la morphologie sur la qualité de l’eau. Read more
  • Thursday 5 January, 11h: Seminar of Dennis Hallema (U.S. Department of Energy/Forest Service, USA), Room Seine. Hydrological modelling of the impacts of forest fires on hundreds of catchments in the USA.


  • Friday 9 December, 11h: Seminar of Ashish Sharma (Australia), Room Condorcet 1er étage. Estimating design floods in a warming climate – gaps, challenges, and the way forward. Read more
  • Wednesday 16 November, 14h, Room Galilée 1&2: Seminair NIRE (Japon) & Irstea Antony (France) Read more
  • Thursday 10 November, 15h, Room Seine:
    • Seminar of Cuan Petheram (CSIRO, Australia), To irrigate or not to irrigate? That is the question!
    • Seminar of François Anctil (Université Laval, Québec, Canada), ÉVAP : un projet favorisant la modélisation hydrologique avec bilan d’énergie.
    • Seminar of Gaia Piazzi (CIMA, Genova, Italy), Snow multivariable data assimilation for hydrological predictions in mountain areas. Read more
  • Tuesday 8 November, 14h: PhD Defense of Carine Poncelet (Irstea Antony), From catchment to parameter: how far can the regionalization of a conceptual hydrological model go? Room Galilée @ Irstea, 1 rue Pierre-Gilles de Gennes, Antony.
  • Thursday 20 October, 10h: Seminar of Fulvia Baratelli (Centre de Géosciences, Mines ParisTech), Modelling of hydric fluxes between rivers and groundwater at the regional scale: application to the Loire basin and to the Seine estuary. Room Galilée 1&2.
  • Monday 10 October, 10h: Seminar of Kai Gerlinger (HYDRON, Karlsruhe, Germany), Application of the LARSIM hydrological model for operational forecasting of streamflows and for simulation of climate change impacts. Room Galilée 1&2.
  • Tuesday 4 October, 14h: Seminar of Ansoumana Bodian (Université Gaston Berger, Saint Louis, Sénégal), Impacts of the variability of climate changes on the water resources of the main river basins of Senegal. Room Seine.
  • Friday 24 June, 11h: Seminar of Wouter Berghuijs (University of Bristol, UK), Large sample hydrology for understanding catchment similarity. Meeting room in the Monod Building.
  • Wednesday 4 May, 11h: Seminar of David Wright (University of Adelaide, Australia), Application of generalised influence diagnostics to assess the impact of objective function choice on hydrological model calibration. Salle Galilée 1&2. Read more
  • Tuesday 3 May, 11h: Seminar of Dr Murray Peel (Melbourne School of Engineering, Australia), Long-term streamflow projections: A summary of recent results from the Millennium Drought, Room Galilée 1&2. Read more
  • Monday 2 May, 11h: Seminar of Marie-Amélie Boucher (UQAC, Canada), Meteorological ensemble forecasts for hydrology: can we out-perform a sophisticated analog-based system?, Room Galilée 1&2. Read more
  • Friday 29 April, 14h: PhD Defense of Louise Crochemore (Irstea Antony). Seasonal streamflow forecasting for reservoir management. Room: Amphithéâtre 7, AgroParisTech, 19 avenue du Maine, Paris. Read more
  • Thursday 28 April, 14h: Seminar of Christian Zammit (NIWA, New Zeland), Research activities on Hydrological Processes and Water Resources at NIWA (National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research), Room Lavoisier – Seine Read more
  • 17 to 22 April 2016: Irstea researchers joined 13,650 colleagues from around the world to present their recent research achievements at the European Geosciences Union General Assembly (EGU) in Vienna. Here (EGU2016) you will find the abstracts of 13 oral and posters presentations from the members of the Hydrology team at Antony. Read more
  • Wednesday 13 and Thursday 14 April: PhD Days of the Graduate School “Gestion des Ressources Naturelles (GRN)”, Mines de Paris (programme) Read more
  • Wednesday 13 April, 10h: Seminar of Alban de Lavenne (Irstea, Antony), Development of the semi-distributed rainfall-runoff model GRSD, Room Lavoisier – Marne
  • Tuesday 12 April , 10h: Seminar of Martyn Clark (NCAR, Boulder, USA), Why do supermodels behave badly?, Room Galilée 1&2 Read more
  • Tuesday 12 April, 11h: Seminar of Léonard Santos (Irstea, Antony), Transferability of the SUMO (SUper MOdel) methodology from climatology to hydrology : example with the conceptual model GR4J, Room Galilée 1&2