Our group is in charge of approximately 100 hours/year of graduate and undergraduate teaching programs and training courses, in the following areas.

Surface hydrology

  • general hydrology (hydrologic cycle, catchments, measurements, elementary processes,
  • hydrologic modelling (general concepts, rainfall-runoff model calibration, validation,
  • applied hydrology (prediction, regionalisation methods, streamflow forecasting, climate change and land use impacts on water.


We also organise field trips focusing on stream gaging (as part of the activities of the Orgeval experimental catchment) and on professions involving hydrology.


We give courses in master programs and Engineering schools, as well as training courses:


For the teaching of hydrological modeling, the team proposes different educational tools (an Excel spreadsheet to run the GR4J model, an Excel spreadsheet to run the CemaNeige model and an R package named airGRteaching , offering user-friendly functions to run all GR models (including GR4J and GR2M) and a graphical interface to avoid computer programming.


Contact @ Irstea Antony: Charles Perrin