Special Issues organisation

In addition to having several associate editors in well-known peer-reviewed journals such as Hydrological Sciences Journal (Charles Perrin and Guillaume Thirel) and Journal of Hydrology (Vazken Andréassian), the team is regularly involved in the organisation of special issues related to its research topics.

These special issues are listed below:

Sub-seasonal to seasonal hydrological forecasting, Hydrololgy and Earth System Sciences, 2016. Editor(s): F. Wetterhall, I.G. Pechlivanidis, M.-H. Ramos, A. Wood, Q. J. Wang, E. Zehe, and U. Ehret. Ongoing.

Modelling temporally-variable catchments, Hydrological Sciences Journal, Volume 60(7-8), 2015. Guest editor: G. Thirel. Editorial.

Hydrologic non-stationarity and extrapolating models to predict the future, Proceedings of the International Association of Hydrological Sciences, Volume 371, 2015. Guest editors: J. Vaze, F. Chiew, D. Hughes and V. Andréassian. Preface.

Hydrological ensemble prediction systems (HEPS), Hydrological Processes, Volume 27(1), 2013. Guest editors: H. L. Cloke, F. Pappenberger, S. J. van Andel, J. Schaake, J. Thielen and M.-H. Ramos. Editorial.

Towards practical applications in ensemble hydro-meteorological forecasting, Advances in Geosciences, Volume 29, 2011. Guest editors: Y. He, F. Pappenberger, J. Thielen, A. Weerts, M.-H. Ramos and M. Bruen. Preface.

The Court of Miracles of Hydrology, Hydrological Sciences Journal, volume 55(6), 2010. Guest editors: C. Perrin and V. Andréassian. Editorial.

Large sample basin experiments for hydrological model parameterization: results of the Model Parameter Experiment – MOPEX, IAHS Red Books Series, Volume 307, 2006. Guest editors: V. Andréassian, A. Hall, N. Chahinian, J. Schaake. Preface.