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The project Impacts of climate change on water resources management – regional strategies and European view (Climaware) was funded by the IWRM-NET research programme (Integrated Water Resources Management Network).

Climaware aimed at providing adaptation strategies for water resources management, in response to climate change impact on land water. Three aspects were specifically considered:

 Impact-chain of climate change and water resources management

  • irrigation,
  • hydromorphology, and
  • dam management.

Case studies were located in Germany, Italy and France. Besides, a modelling framework at the European scale (using the WaterGap model) was implemented to draw up a synthesis at the continental scale.

This project was coordinated by the University of Kassel (Germany) and brought together German, Italian and French partners. It last three years (2011-2013).

The final report of this project is available here.

Contact @ Irstea Antony: Guillaume Thirel