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MOSARH21 is a research project funded by the French Rhine-Meuse Water Agency, whose goal is the study of evolutions of future discharge on the Rhine basin under climate change.

This projects aims at making an assessment of future impacts of climate change on discharge of the French part of the Rhine tributaries (MOselle-SArre-RHine), by using the last climate simulations produced with regards to the fifth Assessment Report of IPCC. A multi-model approach (using two hydrological models and an ensemble of parametres) will be implemented and used jointly with an ensemble of climate projections statistically downscaled.

The impacts will be quantified on the basis of several indicators linked to regimes, flood and low flows. A specific focus will be put on quantification of uncertainty associated to the modelling chain. The results will be compared to those obtained from previous impact studies done on the basin.


Funding: Rhin-Meuse French Water Agency (50%)

Coordinator: Irstea Antony

Partners: Irstea Antony & Lyon, LOTERR Université de Lorraine, HYDRON and DREAL Grand Est

Start: 2015

Duration: 3 years

Contact @ Irstea Antony: Guillaume Thirel